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When it comes to receiving  the services of a good plumbing and Heating Company in London, you should give Fitzrovia Plumbers & Boiler Repair a call. Based in Fitzrovia W1W we cover all of London. A company focused on Exceptional customer services and high standards of workmanship. We are an modern fully digital company that’s uses technology that makes our service to you the customer, the very best in boiler repairs and plumbing services. We will only ever send the very best of the best when it comes to plumbers and Heating engineers, our vetting process when employing new staff is stringent to say the least. We believe that with The Right Balance of Experienced plumbers & Heating Engineers & an organised office team We bring a Reliable and Excellent Service that you will want to recommend

We cover a large radius from Fitzrovia, London with dedicated boiler repair engineers and plumbers out 24 hours a day and at a fast response for the emergency situation’s. covering Marylebone, Belgravia, Russell Square, Farringdon, Covent Garden and surrounding

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It Is a Strong Etos at Fitzrovia Plumbers & Boiler Repair when it strikes an Emergency Boiler Repair situation needs a Reliable Service, Typically a Boiler breakdown is the kind of event That usually Occurs when your boiler is running a lot. Subsequently they will breakdown more, requiring the need for your boiler to be assessed and diagnosed at by a Qualified boiler repair engineer. You may have just turned on your morning shower to realise there is no Hot Water or some or all of your central Heating isn’t working, as they should. Symptoms Like This are signs That your boiler or Central heating in general are having start up issues and you probably need a boiler repair. Whether it is a Heating repair or you just need a Leaking pipe or Valve fixed, Fitzrovia Plumbers & Boiler Repair have you covered 24 Hours a Day

We are a Fitzrovia based Team of Plumbers and Boiler Repair engineers That will Cover every avenue of boiler repairs in and around London and Central London from Replacing pumps, or upgrading to a new advanced controls system, or to power flush a clogged up Heating system
Should you require a London Expert in Fitzrovia W1W or plumbing & heating boiler repair engineer in Covent Garden, Belgravia, St James’s, Covent Garden or any Postcode in London, get in contact

Be it a Keston Combi Boiler or a Worcester System Boiler, Ideal, Baxi, Ferroli or any other brand for that matter. We are the company for you. Our Highly Experienced Boiler Repair Engineers between them have repaired every last boiler and seen ever issue there is to see. We get told all the time, you are the second or third engineer and the only ones who could fix the boiler!

Do you currently have a boiler breakdown situation with an old boiler thats had its fair share of repairs and needs replacing? we can assist you with that. We have 3 Installation Teams that install over 200 Boilers a Year. Surveys and advice is Free and we can alway find a good price based on your requirements and budget

Should you need your boiler serviced, we have dedicated service Engineers, We carry out a non rush full service. this helps to ensure your boiler is running safely and ensure potential problems can be rectified and nipped in the bud before they become too serious. this reduces the chances of needing a boiler repair massively

Boiler Need Fixing & Plumbing emergencies, call us now.


It Comes usually unexpected and at the worst possible time. Like you have just returned from holiday or woke up in the middle of the night. You realise you have a Plumbing Emergency. In other cases, you may have had a small DIY plumbing job you have done a few times before, and it goes wrong. This calls for a quick and professional response from an Emergency Plumber. You don’t have much time to think or get referrals. Rest assured, when calling Fitzrovia Plumbers & Boiler Repair you are dealing with only the very best plumbers and boiler engineers in London.

In the plumbing industry over the recent years, we have seen an huge influx of fast track qualified plumbers and gas engineers. And to be quite frank its Dangerous that training centres let some of these bad and rouge plumber loose with qualifications. It’s a huge problem in the industry. With Fitzrovia Plumbers & Boiler Repair Our Plumbers and Gas Engineers have a minimum of 10 Years experience in the field, and that shows with our high rating and great reviews on Google. A company you can trust and rely on. As many estate agents & returning loyal customer in London do for hundreds of properties